What's life all about

What’s life about...?

Is life about survival... ambitions... family... romance... pleasures... fun... sports... success... fame... wealth... power? Is there any purpose to life? Why am I here?

For two thousand years, Jesus Christ's revolutionary message of peace and friendship with God (which has stood the test of critics, archaeology, science and time), has been refreshing the parts of the human soul that no other religion has been able to reach.

All who have responded to Jesus' teaching have embarked upon the Christian journey - the journey that leads to an ever-deepening, satisfying and exciting friendship with the Creator of the Universe - God.

This Christian journey is a roller coaster experience that never ends and gives a sense of purpose, destiny and fulfilment to life. It brings a deep sense of peace from a troubled conscience, the comfort of knowing that the events of life are governed by an all-powerful supreme God, friendship with Him and a sure hope of getting to an everlasting Heaven.

Is it not time you opened your heart and mind to Jesus and joined millions of others on the journey of a lifetime, to discover that life really begins when you come to Christ?

What's life about ...? Life is about knowing the Creator of the Universe and enjoying an amazing friendship with Him forever.

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